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ミュージカル「いのちてんでんこ」長崎公演 2020年月8日9日@アルカスSASEBO 大ホール

チケット   :一般 前売3,000円、当日3,500円
        :学生 前売1,000円、当日1,500円(小〜大学生)
プレイガイド :アルカスSASEBO、カワシモレコード、佐世保玉屋



【ミュージカル いのちてんでんこ】(岩手作品)

気仙地区で九死に一生を得た人たちの、オーラルヒストリー(証言)を元に制作されたミュージカル作品。 2013年に初演され、以降主に関東を中心にとした高等学校の芸術鑑賞会を活動の場として現在までに約2万人の子供達に「いのちの伝言」を伝えて来ました。

“Life for Tomorrow”
In 2011, there were the huge earthquakes and the tsunami in Tohoku(northern area), Japan. it caused over 400,000 refugees. 
Jujiro Maegawa, the producer of the musical “Life for Tomorrow” visited the temporary housings and interviewed over 70 refugees. 
There were lots of stories that were never reported through the media. 
There were lots of “regional lives” that never appeared in the media. 
How did people survive in the situation? 
What happened in that area? 
Jujiro thought that these stories and facts should to be known so he produced this musical based on their stories. 
The first performance was in the autumn, 2013. 
In these four years, it was performed at many schools all over Japan and so many teenagers saw this, shed tears and realized the real of Tohoku. 
The reality of Tohoku is not a story of misery but filled with love and power of community.