Musical Play  

 Inochi Tendenko  "Life for Tomorrow"


Town washed away by Tsunami
He saw something in the darkness…
Director / Jujiro Maegawa
Choreograher / Koyama Yuuka, Inui Naoki, Ogata Yuka, Maeda Nina
Music / Saito Yuta

(1)Tue. September 10, 2019      Start 19:30(Doors open 19:00)
(2)Wed. September 10, 2019     Start 14:00(Doors open 13:30)
(2)Wed. September 10, 2019     Start 19:00(Doors open 18:30)
(2-1-2, Koenji-Kita, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo 166-0002, Japan) Google Map
TICKET:¥3,500(in advance) / ¥3,800(at the door)
(All seats non-reserved)
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We prepare the seats with English subtitles.
Inquiry about Program and Performance
Minna no Shirushi MAIL:

In 2011, there were the huge earthquakes and the tsunami in Tohoku(northern area), Japan.
it caused over 400,000 refugees.
Jujiro Maegawa, the producer of the musical “Life for Tomorrow” visited the temporary housings and interviewed over 70 refugees.
There were lots of stories that were never reported through the media.
There were lots of “regional lives” that never appeared in the media.
How did people survive in the situation?
What happened in that area?
Jujiro thought that these stories and facts should to be known so he produced this musical based on their stories.
The first performance was in the autumn, 2013.
In this six years, it has been performed at many schools all over Japan. So many teenagers saw this, shed tears and realized the real of Sanriku.
The real of Sanriku is not a story of misery but filled with love and power of community.
He had just started to work in the town hall in Tsunami area.
On “that” day, he lost words at the scene of the town ---Everything was washed away...
He worked as a caretaker at an evacuation center living with refugees.
”I cannot do anything for these people,,, I have nothing,,,” He was struggling.
One day,
He saw...
People helped each other,
Old people told kids old stories about Tsunami area in the candle light,
about the festivals inherited from a long time ago...
Then the temporary bath was set.
Day after day, he chopped wood without uttering.
His tears were flowing on his cheeks with eating rice-ball.
He thanked everything.
The beauty of the sky.
The beauty of the sea even if it washed away.
Finally, he became a hope of Tsunami area.